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For micro-trenching with narrow width, Flat Duct is the most compatible item. The product can be placed vertically to fit on micro-trenching dimension.

The size of product is relatively tiny which allows better shipping and handling with smaller reel size. As Flat Duct has the same thickness of Bundle Microduct, customers can enjoy the same benefits of Bundle Microduct.

Microduct bundles are produced according to IEC 60794 and the specifications of telecommunication operators.

Outer Dia

Inner Dia

Wall Thickness Weight Drum Size Drum Length Number of Quantity in 40 HC Container
mm mm mm kg/m mm m
20 16 2.0 0.569 1930x1120 1000 12
18 14 2.0 0.508 1760x1120 800 13
16 12 2.0 0.448 1580x1120 1000 14
14 10 2.0 0.386 1900x1120 2000 12
12 8 2.0 0.325 1650x1120 2000 14
10 6 2.0 0.264 1750x720 2000 19

  • MATERIAL High Density Polyethylen (HDPE)
  • COLOUR White, Red, Green, Blue
  • TRACE WIRE Optional
  • DUCT MARKING Manufacturer, Product Description, Manufacture Date, Length

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Microduct Çözümleri

Sanbor Microduct Pipe is a bundle of pipes that is made up of several ducts. This pipe bundle is used in network applications such as Ftth (Fibre to the Home) They are suitable for direct buried installation and for inserting or pushing into cable shafts, into ducts or other pipe systems.

In Direct Buried (BD) applications, the Microducts will be directly buried, or bundled into Bundle configurations. Using a thicker walled Microduct is recommended to maintain the optimum fill ratios and have faster, easier installations.
In Direct Install (DI) applications, the Microduct or Bundle configurations will be placed inside an existing conduit, like an Over-Ride or populating an existing conduit. A thinner walled product is recommended where protection is provided by the existing conduit and space is more sensitive.

Characteristics of Microduct Pipes

• Highly resistant to crushing and external impacts
• Suitable for all environments (green or brown fields)
• Optional ribbed surface that enables cable blowing
• Reduced coefficient of friction
• Future proof, can accommodate more cables
• Cost-effective repairs of upgrades
• Requires less connections

Advantages of Microduct over Traditional Methods

• Microduct products are easily and quickly intalled in direct buried applications using minimally invasive micro-trenching equipment.
• Microduct pathways offer superior mechanical and enviromental protection for lightweight microfiber optical  cables, which can be easily installed using various air blowing techniques, or traditional cable pulling / pushing methods.
• Microduct patway systems offer telecom carriers increased flexibility de to the ease at which service laterals and drops can be reconfigured and installed as customer demand increases.


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